Bats Day 2002

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Devin's Journal for Bats Day, August 24th 2003
  So, we just got back from the Bats Day at Disneyland -- whoa, that was a bunch of fun. Once again, big thumbs up! The details:

Having decided to forgo any Saturday night activities in order to be rested and at the park early, Valerie and I left San Diego shortly before 7AM on Sunday to head up to Disneyland. We picked up Corby en route and headed up to the park, arriving around 8:30 AM. We waited outside the entrance for our friend Christine from LA, then entered the park.

The first thing we noticed was that more goth-types got to the park earlier this year; last year we only saw 4 or 5 before 11AM. This year we saw a smattering of black-clad folk from the time we got there. Like last year, most were personable and would say hi or acknowledge us as we passed them by.

We decided to take advantage of getting there early and strategically go on a bunch of rides. Started with the Matterhorn, then over to Tomorrowland for Autopia and Star Tours. Those were fun as expected. Then across to the west end of the park to pick up a Fast Pass for Splash Mountain (on the way, we ran into Kelly and her son, the first San Diegans we saw that day); our pass gave us quick-entry between 1 and 2 PM. The Fast Pass distributor gave us "bonus" Fast Passes for the Haunted Mansion, so we went to that next.

After our first ride on the Haunted Mansion, we decided to go on Pirates of the Caribbean. In the line, the people in front of us asked us if there was "some sort of goth convention going on". We explained about Bats Day. When we got about three-quarters through the line, they announced that the ride was broken and that everyone had to leave. So we had an early lunch. Val and I ate from our store of fruits and bread and granola bars that we brought with us (lightening my backpack load significantly) while Corby and Christine dined on the gumbo from the stand outside of Pirates. By the time we finished, the ride had re-opened so we went back inside. Christine was told by a ride attendant that her '666' shirt may not be considered appropriate by security; however no one else that day had any problems with it.

Next up, we went on a couple of the small rides in the Fantasyland section of the park before the 1PM meetup at Cinderella's Castle. Unfortunately we just missed the group photo but got there in time so see everyone. Met up with too many San Diego people to list, but we got photos of all that we saw.

Next up, Splash Mountain. Probably my favorite ride, and we hit it just at the hottest part of the day. Spent a few hours in the afternoon going on some other rides: Mr Toad's Wild Ride (which my parents wouldn’t let me on as a kid), It's a Small World (you laugh, but it's a long ride with the coldest air conditioning in the park), the new Winnie the Pooh ride (where we explained Bats Day again, this time to the Disney line attendee), and Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Sometime after that one we by chance met up with V, Mikey, Andrea, and their friends Nathan and CJ. We ate dinner together at the "Golden Horseshoe", which unbeknownst to us had a musical act that started right when we started eating. It was a mildly amusing fiddle-and-bass number (stand up bass, of course). Then it was off to some of the rides that our new companions hadn't been on yet; we re-visited Star Tours and the Matterhorn (comment heard by a passerby while waiting in line: "What is with all these people?")

By that time it was approaching 8PM so we headed over to New Orleans Square for the 8PM meetup. Everyone mulled around for a bit; I took a bunch of photos and met a disturbing girl with a sign proclaiming she was single and easy (an offer which V could not pass up). Bats Day chief Noah organized the photos and attendee-count in front of the Haunted Mansion. Joined by a few other SD people (Kim, Aramada, Dragon, probably some more) we were counted, had our photos taken and entered the Mansion. Just like last year, everyone chanted along with the elevator spiel, after which Martin proclaimed "I love you people!". After the ride, we stopped back at the front to hear the total goth-count: 809

Indiana Jones was the next ride everyone went on as a group. Being a short walk away, the large mass was splintered and people went on in groups of 20 or 30. Then it was onto the Jungle Cruise, after a short wait to get more people together. Some blatant line-cutting took place so Val and Christine and I could join up with our group. Once again we didn't get the 'adult' speech, and I'm starting to think that it doesn't really exist. Finally it was time for another trip to Pirates of the Caribbean, replete with people singing along with the Pirate theme song. The parts we knew, anyway.

By this time it was about 10:30 and we decided to say our goodbyes and leave the park. Got home in record time (I suspect that Val may have exceeded the speed limit at some point), where I proceeded to not sleep. Maybe I should at some point.

Devin & Val

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