Bats Day 2002
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Val and Christine at front entrance  Some people at the 1PM meetup  Trid, V, Mikey, Val, Corby  More 1PM meetup people  Debbie and Dragon 
Sea of People  Greg, Danae, Summer, and some people we don't know  Sarah and Christina  More 1PM meetup people  More 1PM meetup people 
More 1PM meetup people  Elena!  Noah and Friends  Val and Christine  Some people we shared the shade with 
Corby, Christine, Val, & Devin  Andy, Kim, Debbie, and Martin  Mikey and Andrea  Mikey with Nathan in the background  Some passersby 
Waste Please  Dave taking a picture of me taking a picture  JayJ and Amanda  Corby, Christine, and Val  Corby, Christine, and Val 
I thought this dress was really cool  Devin and Val  you stupid bitch  Corby and V  Spiny Grumpy Hat 
Andrea, Devin, Val  These guys were making some sort of documentary  Some people getting on a ride  Lots of crows in one tree  Taking a break 
Val before final group photo in front of the Haunted Mansion  Val and Devin  Noah organizing the group photo, with a stoned-looking Mikey to the left  Woman of loose morals  V taking her up on her offer 
Christine and Val  People handing out black Leis  Stealing Lee's Soul  Lee and Jeff  Betamax! 
Andrea on the phone  Jennifer and Val  Devin and Jennifer  Noah taking some photos  Doomie 
Andrea and Jennifer  Buzz and Lisa  Christine, Val, and Corby  There was a third person there, but was pushed away just as the photo was taken  I'm pretty sure she was on some serious drugs 

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