The Big Move: Chicago to San Diego
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In May of 2002, we made the long-distance move from Chicago, Illinois to San Diego, California. The following is a list of the email journals he sent out to a select number of friends during the trip.

Devin's Travel Journal: May 3, 2002


Just a quick update this time. We arrived safely in San Diego on Wednesday afternoon around 4:30. The truck was unpacked yesterday, and it wasn't until today that our phone/cable modem was hooked up -- which is why I haven't updated until now.

Wednesday was mostly uneventful driving-wise. Drove through the rest of Utah, then short trips through the corners of Arizona and Nevada (with a brief stop at Las Vegas (to fill up the truck)). Then unto California, through the Mojave desert, and south to San Diego!

We've begun to unpack -- our computers/desks and bedroom/bathroom stuff are set up. Next is the living room and the kitchen. Hopefully by the end of the weekend our place will look like an apartment instead of a storage closet.

I'll update again soon with thoughts on Southern California. But I just had to mention a sign we saw just outside of Denver:

We Salt Margaritas, Not Roads


Devin's Travel Journal: May 6, 2002

Hello all,

Time for another mass email updating y'all on my life. While I've talked to some of you in the past week, some of you I haven't spoken to in months or years, and in fact I'm expecting quite a number of MAILER-DAEMONS in response to this letter as some of these addys have probably been out of commission for like 3 years.


After years of consideration, months of planning, weeks of packing, and days of driving, I've finally arrived on the west coast! San Diego, to be precise -- two hours from Los Angeles and 1 hour from Tijuana. Not that I moved here due to it's proximity to other cities; San Diego has lots to offer on it's own, not the least of which is "Big Fizz" brand "Red Pop" flavored soda, which you can get at Rite- Aid for $.99 for a 3-liter bottle. The 70-degree weather 364 days a year is pretty nice too.

We arrived on wednesday the 1st after the 4-day drive from Chicago. Man, those mountains can slow you down. From Illinois, we went through Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado (including passing the somewhat infamous town of "No Name, Colorado"), Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and on to California (which, not to be outdone by No Name, actually has a desert town named "Zzyzx". I've got photos.)

All of our stuff arrived here safely, with the exception of our power drill. I suspect it got put down in the alley while unloading the truck and someone took it later. Either that or the movers took it, but they seemed like nice guys...

So, for those who I haven't seen recently, I'm still working for Oracle, still married, and still drink plenty of Snapple.

Anyway, I'm still adjusting to the odd little things of southern California, such as Palm trees being on the street I live on, and passing strangers on the street and having them say hello to me.I'm still trying to figure out what they call carbonated pre- sweetened beverages out in these parts, but I sure hope it's "soda". I got enough of "Pop" in Chicago.

Sometime in the next day or two, look for photos from the trip at:


Photos of our drive from Chicago, IL to sunny San Diego, CA:

75 Mph
First Mountains
Mountains 2
Mountians 3
No Name
Utah Mountains
Utah Mountains 2
Arizona Mountains
Arizona Mountains 2
Arizona Mountains 3
Las Vegas
San Diego!
Our Building

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